The National Transplantation Pregnancy Registry (NTPR) was established in 1991 to study the outcomes of pregnancies in female transplant recipients and those fathered by male transplant recipients. The study is supported by Gift of Life Institute and grants from manufacturers of immunosuppressive medications.

Our staff is comprised of nurses experienced in transplant patient care, as well as trained interviewers with varied medical backgrounds. Some of our interviewers are transplant recipients themselves. To date, more than 2,000 recipients, reporting over 3,300 pregnancies, have participated in the registry. Included are kidney, liver, liver-kidney, pancreas, heart, lung and small bowel recipients throughout North America. We have presented information throughout the world and published over 50 journal articles based on our study. These publications, and the NTPR annual report, are available by request through our website.

The NTPR is an ongoing study, and the information we collect has helped countless transplant recipients make family planning decisions. Transplant coordinators, physicians, and recipients are encouraged to submit a one-page recipient questionnaire regarding post-transplant pregnancies to the NTPR.

In 2011, the NTPR celebrated its 20th anniversary and stands as the longest-running voluntary pregnancy registry in the world. Some of our early participants are now grandparents.

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We would be happy to speak to anyone interested in parenthood after transplantation. Every recipient's experience with pregnancy after transplantation, (whether it be your own pregnancy, or that of your partner or patient) contributes to the growing body of knowledge about being a mother or father and a transplant recipient.

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